Every Kind Of Visual Contradiction

I always feel there's this funny sort of contradiction in the blogs I like the best. So many girls who wear almost exclusively vintage and scan their 35mm film photographs full of dust and grain--yet here they are typing away, plugged into their computers, so thoroughly modern even in their love for antiquity. They seem to live in a golden-sun filled haze of sleepy cats and steaming tea, yet they share these snippets through pixelated screens. That combination of nostalgia and modernity always amuses me; it's quite like the contradiction of so many shy, introverts (like myself) who share a piece of themselves quite publicly online.

Outfit details:
Gryphon trench coat
ASOS sweater
thrifted skirt
vintage shoes
vintage Coach purse



  1. gorgeous http://thesimplegirlonthefashiontrack.blogspot.com/

  2. Haha! You have about summed me up with this post ;)


  3. I love this particular irony. I haven't looked over this way in a while, beautifully composed pictures and lovely new hair style!

    From one shy introvert to another!

  4. I totally love the palette of your pictures.
    A smile,


  5. every time i see your hair i get the feeling that i want to cut mine. i haven't cut it past my shoulders in... 20 years? whoa.
    thank you for the daily inspiration.
    (posted on the mean reds)

  6. That's really true. The thought is making me smile.

    PS Your posture is REALLY good :)

  7. I never really though about this contradiction but you're right. But I already noticed that many girl who have a blog are actually really shy ^^(like myself) but it's all the beauty of it isn't? :)

  8. I tend to be shy and introverted too, but it's really nice to know I have my own corner of the Internet to be myself and share things with people that I wouldn't otherwise. Lovely post as always.

  9. Great reflection. Juxtapositions and contradictions make the most interesting people, fashion choices, and pictures. Sometimes I feel like a walking anomaly...and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for another fabulous post!

  10. You are absolutely correct about contradiction being more interesting, even if the viewer does not immediately note the contradiction. Some of the most interesting fashion shots involve people wearing spectacular outfits on the farm, or in a forested area, rather than downtown or someplace more appropriate. Our brains are excited by the unusual combination. Artists use this to their advantage too. Great blog by the way, love the horsey sweater.

  11. You look beautiful, I'm so in love with the scenery and this cute little sweater!

    I never thought about these contradictions of vintage and modern, such a funny thing indeed :)

  12. Where does the bag come from? O.o

  13. I find the same contradictions amusing all the time. Also, people who buy vintage books for display, and only read on their kindle, or who display record players, typewriters, old cameras, etc. but don't ever use them, and use their computer for everything instead. It's almost like creating a movie set full of props.

  14. I adore the composition of these shots. Well, all your shots, really! I read a lot of blogs, but yours is always a delight (and actually the only non-UK one I regularly dip into). Just gorgeous - as are you!

  15. This is an irony I've been trying to make sense of myself for a while too...I'm quite a shy person too and I never thought I'd start a blog nevermind find it so massively liberating to voice my random thoughts..and outfits...in public :) I looove the animal print on this jumper and your pictures are always so beautifully lit!

  16. I 'm a very introverted person too and still wonder what I'm doing sharing snippets of my life online! :) I think I became a bit less nervous around people since I started my blog though. It's worth it only for that! :)

    You look lovely as always! :)

  17. Oh, I loved this post, especially the part about the contradiction with introverts sharing their lives publicly online. I'm definitely an introvert, and only have a few close friends - yet I love expressing myself online and making friends through that medium. I think it's a more comfortable place for me to be social. Anyway, love the outfit as usual - the horse print is darling!

  18. haha.

    I agree. It is an interesting world. We love the old yet choose to participate with the contemporary technology so much.

    Thank you for sharing this observation, it is a funny thing to think about.



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