Not A Betty

This dress reminded me of something Betty Draper might wear during the day while doing housewife-y things at home; far too casual for her to wear out, but a decent "house day" dress. It's clean and preppy in the palette of blue she prefers (a little more season 1 and 2 than season 4 where she began dressing older than her age and looking very much like a politician's wife). As a fan of Mad Men, that mental connection made the dress rather irresistible--even if I'm more of a fan of Joan than Betty and see myself more as a Peggy than either of them. I of course ended up dressing more like Sally than any of the ladies on the show because I apparently have a juvenile sensibility (all I need is to add a pair knee socks). All this rambling to say: I'm rather excited Mad Men is coming back soon (not so excited about all the Mad Men paraphernalia out there right now; I just want the drama).

Outfit details:
Jeffrey Campbell heels


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