Our Hands Seek The End Of Afternoons

The bugs are beginning to come back out, now sunsets by the river are punctuated by bites. Still, I'm glad for the warmer weather and bare legs. It's always liberating when spring comes around and we begin to shed our layers. There is something so restricting about winter clothes; the weight of a coat limiting the range of motion in your arms, the suffocating feeling of tights and socks bundled away into boots, the uselessness of your hands swaddled in mittens...After a few months of that isn't everyone excited to throw off the heavy layers and breathe? To move and bury their toes in the sand?

Outfit details:
H&M jacket
thrifted flats
Rebecca Minkoff backpack



  1. those loafers are so cite! love your rebecca minkoff backpack!
    xo, Tina

  2. bugs are coming out here,too, in texas. i'm glad for the spring though i hope the heat doesn't descend too quickly.
    i love your backpack!

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  4. This is just the sweetest outfit.

    I just wrote some similar sentiments about the liberating feeling of spring in my post today! Which made me love this post even more :)

    I'm in VA as well and the bugs are everywhere! But so is the smell of freshly cut grass. So it all balances out :)

    xo, Natasha
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  5. You're too cute! Can't decide if I like the Stylemint tee or the Chicwish skirt better. They are both TOTALLY RAD ! <3
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  6. perching on a stump is one of my favorite things. love that photo of you:)

  7. Love those stripes :) Our warm weather has left for a few days, so on the drive to work this morning I was thinking about how restricted I felt in my coat. I can't wait to walk the shores of Lake Michigan without freezing my toes off...



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