Small Trumpet Of Your Defiance

I'm not gonna lie--I found these heels annoyingly difficult to walk in. That issue might have been compounded by the uneven terrain I usually find myself in (like gravel driveways and yes, abandoned trains), but still. I'm really not good at walking in any heel over three inches, but I do try on occasion. In this pair I couldn't resist the scallop detail and well, practice makes perfect, no? Perhaps one day I will be one of those intimidating five-inch stiletto-wearing fem-bots I see in movies and magazines but never really appear in the towns I live in. For now I'm quite content to wear shoes that won't slow me down.

Outfit details:



  1. The shoes look amazing but pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to walk in! Do you have any (affordable) heels that you think are really easy to walk in that would be good for spring? I figure you have tried enough shoes out to be able to recommend the best!
    Happy Friday!
    xo Hannah

  2. I wish I had the guts to try heels like those, but I know without a doubt I would trip over a pebble or something silly and completely destroy myself (being 6ft doesn't help either).
    You look great in them despite the difficulty you had!

  3. Speaking as someone who has actually manage to hurt myself in heels walking on flat surfaces (sad but true), I know what you mean. I too wish I could be a 5" heel girl though in my case that would make me well over 6'.
    Those heels are fee-ierce though, what's a sprained ankle in the name of style?

  4. You're brave to just put them on and try! I don't think I've ever put on a pair of shoes that tall. And the scallop edge is beautiful.

  5. I have some 3.25 inch heels that I curse resoundingly whenever I put them on. These ones are pretty striking... but that dress just steals the show for me!

  6. @The Branded Bandit, I find Seychelles all really comfortable (and pretty easy) to walk in, but I don't think everyone considers them affordable. Affordable is a tricky statement b/c it depends on your budget. I don't find Seychelles cheap and easy to buy, but I wear all the ones I get from them for years so I'd rather buy a brand I'm comfortable with knowing it's an investment than another brand I don't know will last. Saltwater sandals are affordable and comfortable and last. But I don't know a lot of shoe brands; I mostly stick to my favorites. Sorry.

  7. haha oh dear. I don't do heels over 1.5 inches. like, ever. being 5'9" probably has something to do with that, but I'd really just always rather wear shoes I can walk in comfortably, and I am such a wobbly heel wearer. you always make high heels look so cute though- it's fun to observe from afar at least.

  8. Oh, I wanted to buy those Shoemint heels in the turquoise color because they are so pretty, but I knew I'd never be able to walk in them, so I passed. Glad to see there are so many other heel-challenged ladies out there like myself. I too swear by Seychelles now.

  9. love the shoes <3

  10. I am accustomed to wearing five inch heels myself, and yet tonight I found myself stumbling across the pavement in my normally sturdy wedge heels...

    If you know you're the kind that can't be deterred or bogged down, your shoes should be the last thing that tries to stop you.

    The heels are fabulous, but I can see how you'd fall down given your predilection for climbing things and clambering over rocks and foliage. Love them. Hopefully you can find some heels that are comfortable AND work with your photographic habits~! :)

    Love the edgy/feminine balance here!

    me ke aloha, Mae

  11. Those shoes are in fact the cutest!

  12. They're so pretty though!


  13. Yikes! Those look painful - but cute of course! I always envy girls who can breeze by on 5-inch heels in ease. It certainly is an acquired skill.

  14. Those shoes look beautiful - and challenging, yikes!

    That first photo is almost surreal. It looks like the doorway is framing you as if you were a painting. :)

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  16. Why don't you have them shortened? I have done this with a couple of my heels that I find way too high to walk in. It's not that expensive and the turn around is usually a day. I had a pair of boots that I had shortened and now they're my go-to pair once they became more comfortable.


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