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Typically I'm rounded toe and chunky heel sort of girl; I like the aesthetic and the sense of security in a thicker heel. But Rochas pre-fall got under my skin a bit and when I saw these heels at Aldo, I was intrigued. I think they'll look nice paired simply with vintage dresses this summer, but I had to wear them in a little homage to Rochas first. Of course, it's quite a different look on a shorty like me, still it was rather fun to dig out my old knee socks again--I bought this pair way back when I studied abroad in Japan. I used to wear loads of knee socks then...

Outfit details:
vintage dress
Thank You Mart socks



  1. Lovely! I've never tried socks with heels like this before...I might have to give it a go!!

  2. Those look great on you! I haven't worn pointy toes in a while, but I might just have to try. They look really cute with the socks.

  3. Well I think those shoes were a good buy, the square cut on the inside is really different
    Daisy Dayz

  4. What a great coat, and I love the socks with those pumps.

  5. Beautiful look, I love the dress and how the socks make it all a bit romantic and girly! Wish I had the legs to wear overknee socks too.

  6. I like the look of the knee highs with the heels...

  7. Pointy heels like these kill my feet and aren't really conducive to my lifestyle, which involves lots of walking (I don't have a car). However, you look absolutely adorable! The square cut on the side makes them look retro and lady like, but your socks keep it young and cute. Also, love the print on that dress and the sweet tie collar. :)

  8. That's such an unexpected but lovely pairing! I remember reading your blog back when you wore lots of knee socks :>

  9. Love Rochas! Am headed out to pick up some knee socks, great runway to the street interpretation.

  10. I could never leave home in a pair of heels with that thin a heel... I tried it once, and failed miserably... So kudos to you!

    I love the knee high socks and large coat, they go soo well and look rather preppy (in a good way)


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