Sunday Remix

This post feels a bit like cheating since when I write remix posts I usually try to showcase the versatility of a piece; I like to show how a dress can be worn layered beneath sweaters or over blouses. In all my frequent wearings of this dress (and it was easily my most worn dress this fall and winter), I haven't really changed the way it is presented. The most variety I offer is in the colored tights I paired it with. Still, it's a great little dress by Family Affairs (named after one of my favorite authors). So, I suppose this is more of a "repeat" post than a "remix."


LILI LOFT said...

I love your sunday remix posts!
and this dress is simple,pretty and versatile!


Selinah said...

Such a pretty dress!

.Tinacious Me said...

omg, i have never seen photos of you with long hair before! very cute! i love these remixes!
xo, Tina

niki said...

Charlotte Bronte is my favorite author :)
~niki <3

Ana said...

Love this dress! It looks so comfortable!

AnaCloud Vintage

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

I'm good with the repeat post. I think it's unrealistic to pressure yourself to always show something new even when you're a blogger. It's refreshing to see someone show off a piece they love over a few seasons.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Kathryn, thank you! I don't mind repeating things--I repeat things all the time. What I meant is for remix posts you show the same item, but you show it in a new way--these are all sort of the same. But yes, repeating is good. I don't see a reason to not wearing the same dress; I'd just like to wear one dress in more than one way. :)

Laura said...

Really cute dress!!

Karina Vartanova said...

lovely dress!

Amy said...

I really love your pixie cut.. it makes you look soo adorable and cute!

Your satchel is rather awesome too!



Ruby S said...

these pics are great!It would be a great help if people could check out my blog. Also, I was wondering where you get your inspiration from?
Thanks! Ruby x

Sasha said...

That dress can really go with anything. And.. yes, yay for backpacks! ;)

WearAbouts said...

Sometimes a piece is so good that you don't need to wear it differnet ways! It's just great on it's own :)
Love the different colored tights with this! <3
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sridhar said...

very pretty clothing. thinking of buying one like these for my sis.

London Fashion Review Blog - Gems said...

It is indeed a very sweet little dress - so cute and I bet it is super versatile really :)

CJ said...

I love the last one with the lacy stocking. <3

Natalie Anne Bourn said...

you are ever so adorable