Dare To Dance The Tide

I follow the tides closely; I like to know when hidden sandbars will be exposed and when waves will be breaking against the rocks. Somehow I made low tide at sunset sound rather magical to my parents, so they decided I ought to drive them down to the river in my car. It ended up being to my benefit though as I put my father to work getting the sort of far-away photographs I can't take with my self-timer but always want. As much as this is a personal style blog I do prefer those pictures of diminutive figures being consumed by nature. It is hard to compose a shot and then relinquish control by having someone else execute it; I know my father gets tired of me checking his shots between takes and then directing him all over again...

Outfit details:
thrifted skirt
vintage shoes
Rebecca Minkoff backpack
*pictures by my father


.Tinacious Me. said...

love that bag! it's so cute!
xo, Tina

Theresa said...

That first photo against the sunset is absolutely stunning!
A huge part of what I like about your blog is that even though it is a personal style blog, it is also a general personal blog, shown through your wonderful photography and showcasing of art. xx

Teddi said...

rebecca, your amazing photographer father rocked it again. :)

Yajaira said...

I like the bag


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Kristian said...

Gorgeous place and your and your style fit right in!

iris said...

love the light from the second pic especially. :)

Claire said...

I totally see what you mean... I LOVE the first shot. The colors and proportions are beautiful. (And the first thing I thought when I saw it was "how did she run that far away during her self-timer?!" : P)



Sierra said...

So pretty! The first shot is lovely. I hope you high-fived your dad for that!


SoFashionistica said...

I've noticed your dad takes alot of your pictures, did you train him yourself or is he just good at it?

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@SoFashionistica, he's actually only taken 2 posts in 2 weeks recently (and he helped me with the one to come on Monday), before that he hadn't taken my picture for...6 months? So, just to clarify he doesn't "take alot of my pictures," 95% of my pictures are by me. It's just an important distinction to me b/c I do consider it an important point that I take my own pictures most of the time.
Anyway, um it's a mix. He has a good eye for composition, but he can't tell if it's focused a lot of times so 50% of the shots he takes for me I check on halfway through and realize they're all blurry. He also doesn't know the settings on my camera, so I set them manually using him as a stand in and then hand him the camera back when it's ready. He is quite good with a 35mm/his camera, but he's not familiar with my camera so the settings and viewfinder really throw him, and usually forgets his glasses when he's helping me...So, I'm really appreciative when he does help me, but it's still a lot of my camera work in the final product. He's really decent with a camera, just not so much mine since it is so unfamiliar.

Caitie said...

love these pictures, magical sunset!


Bad Taste Toast said...

Oh how I love sunset photos! These pics are amazing!

Mani said...

These pictures are gorgeous! I love the sky in the first photo, especially

Alice said...

I know the feeling, my boyfriend took my photos yesterday and he does not take direction well.
Alice xx

Alice said...

I know the feeling, my boyfriend took my photos yesterday and he does not take direction well.
Alice xx

Laura said...

So pretty and ethereal. I think half the fun of outfit shots is finding a perfect setting, and this is just lovely.


Saint-Tropez Villa Rentals said...

Your pictures are amazing, lovely outfits.

Thanks for the sharing.

niki said...

while i'm in love with your style, i'm in love with the scenery of your outfit shots even more. these are breathtaking :)
~niki <3

Etrala said...

So simple but si cute...
I love your style!

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