Shallows Where A Lamb Could Wade

When I headed down to the river for these pictures I passed a man fishing at another outlet and he said "there are a lot of gnats out." To which I replied, "Yes, okay." Partly because talking to strangers makes me extremely uncomfortable so I couldn't think of anything else to say and partly because a few gnats were not going to come between me and wading into the sunset. For the record, it wasn't very buggy this evening but as summer approaches we will be getting far more mosquitoes and the river will become quite unpleasant at sunset. I'm almost always covered with bug bites in spring and summer, but I rather wear them as seasonal badges of honor--my evidence that despite remaining extremely pale I do get outside. I'm far more concerned about the water moccasins that also like this river or um, other people being around...

Outfit details:
H&M jacket



  1. I LOVE love love your wellies! I've always wanted a pair. They seem perfect for many things.

    And haha, I'm the exact same way about bug bites! I can't get away from them in spring/summer, so I figure I might as well embrace them and just go with it.

  2. Your beautiful wading shots lately are inspiring me to want a pair of rubber boots.

    Love this dress too - really pretty!

  3. Wonderful and romantic photos as always!! Love your dress!!

  4. Beautiful photos! The wading in the river certainly highlights your dress & surroundings.

  5. Regarding the stranger and the gnats. You may not think about this much, but the fact is that you are VERY pretty and you dress quite strikingly. When he saw you, he probably was a bit toungue-tied but felt he just HAD to say something. Try thinking of him as a fan!

  6. Beautiful! I love hearing about people's interactions while taking outfit photos. Why does it without a doubt have to be so awkward. Yes, okay seems like an appropriate answer to me though! haha. This dress is beautiful and as usual, you captured these in the most beautiful light.

  7. these pictures are gorgeous - love the dress and your tattoo!


  8. Love the drape of this dress. Also really admiring what neat locations you shoot at and how you do different things with them like wading into the water...


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