Rank and File

I don't wear this skirt much for a variety of reasons (I'm not big on separates, I own very few blouses, it's a special piece, etc). Because it is a special piece to me I worry that I'm not doing it justice with more casual outfits and I'm annoyed by rainy spring days that require tights, but that's quite silly. Especially as I don't do "photoshoots" per se, but take pictures of the clothes I wear on moments I sneak through the day or places I convince my friends to visit with me. Often we like to rank things as "better" or assign negative and positive values to facts that lack objectivity. It's just that when we become consumed by this need to label something as the "best" version or point out a better way of doing something that we can miss out on appreciating imperfection--not to mention a failure to experiment. In terms of sartorial choices (as exhibited in my weekend remixes) there might be one awesome way to wear this skirt, but how boring it would be to only repeat that "perfect" style and miss opportunities to wear it in "lesser" outfits. But it is all relative to me, as you won't be able to actually convince me that there is a better way to wear anything I own--it's subjective. In fact, if you would style an item differently then that's rather wonderful because it shows the appeal of one piece to a variety of perspectives...

Outfit details:
Gryphon trench coat
Carven skirt
thrifted flats
*pictures by Brittany


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