Sunlit Spaces and Starry Voids

The other evening one of my roommates, Kate, drove me around the area I now live in to show me different places I might enjoy taking pictures at. This abandoned barn was the perfect backdrop for what I was wearing and Kate was nice enough to snap some photos for me (I had a bit of fun editing them later...).

Outfit details:
ASOS jacket
ASOS dress
*pictures by Kate



  1. I'm really enjoying seeing all the new places you have been shooting :) They are all such lovely spots. Makes me want to go exploring more often.


  2. Love these! Do you mind if I ask how you're getting the rainbow-colored effects on your photos?

  3. You look beautiful, love the cut of that dress and the simplicity of the outfit. I really need to check out Curious Creatures! I am truly enjoying seeing all of the new places you are finding in your new area to take pictures, I feel like I am going on an adventure with you! Your new roommate sounds like a sweetheart too!

    Quick question! I know you usually use a tripod and self timer, which I do too at least half of the time. I just got a better camera though, and was wondering if you just shoot on auto, or if you have any tips on focusing in manual mode when you are using the self-timer! You always have the post beautiful pictures, so I thought you would be a great person to ask! Thanks so much Rebecca!
    xo Hannah

  4. Looks like your new home is agreeing with you! And the area surrounding you seems to be full of great opportunities!

  5. I just want to have your dress! :)
    these are amazing pictures.. I really love to explore new places to take photos and everything..
    kisses from the bottom of the sea

  6. Such a great dress and look. Your hairstyle is cute and flirty but the leather jacket toughens it up.

  7. This outfit is both tough and feminine at the same time (which is such a wonderful combination!).

    Beautiful, as always!

    ~CP, ladiesinnavy

  8. I love the silhouette of that dress! So elegant! XOXO,

  9. As other people have mentioned, I love all these new places you're showing us. It's always so exciting seeing my favourite fashion bloggers in new environments.

  10. That dress is so beautiful and so are you! I love the backdrop a lot! And your hair is so pretty! :)

  11. So gorgeous! Loving the bob :)

  12. @The Braided Bandit, I usually start by focusing on something where I will be standing--it's great to use your purse for this. I set it down where I'll take pictures and then take test shots with the purse. Once the settings look right I hop into place & pick up my purse. Sometimes it will still be too dark or too light, but then I adjust again. Focusing and using the purse as a stand-in gets me very close to the settings I need. Hope that helps.

  13. So simple and pretty. Those leopard print shoes are perfect with your little black dress and awesome jacket. I love how you've edited these too. Beautiful!

  14. wow! i love all the photos turned out! the places you're discovering are wonderful and perfect!

    paint it stripes
    New Photo Diary 'Wind and Sea' is up, Hope you can check it out :)

  15. your photos are getting soooo dreamy! ahh the last one with the twirl....just so romantic


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