Field Of Dreams

Before I cut my hair in the winter I wrote a long-winded post on my tumblr about how I was itching to cut my hair but afraid of doing it at the same time. At some point in the last few years my hair became highly covetable--growing up no one ever really remarked on it, but recently I couldn't seem to leave my house without getting a compliment on my long hair from complete strangers. It was quite flattering and I began to get a bit attached to my long hair. When I started to contemplate cutting it I knew that with that choice I'd also be sacrificing the compliments associated with my hair and thus, one of the major sources of my physical beauty (as enforced by verbal affirmation). This launched me into thought about how attached I was to my hair and how I didn't want to be attached to my hair--I didn't want to feel some personal worth or beauty based on something as silly as hair. So, I decided that I needed to cut my hair--I wanted to cut my hair because I was bored with the long locks and I had to cut my hair to prove (to myself) that it wouldn't actually have a huge impact on my life.

Obviously, I took the plunge and haven't really looked back as I've experimented with a couple different cuts (I seem to go shorter every time I get a haircut). Sometimes I look in the mirror and feel incredibly androgynous and odd, but for the most part I really enjoy the way it looks--although it does not save me time in the morning as I actually have to style it to keep it from sticking straight up in places and when my hair was long I could skip brushing it or throw it into an easy braid. I suppose I'm addressing this now because I still am getting comments about how people miss my old hair; those comments are a drop in the ocean compared to the number of people who have complimented me on the pixie cut, but it just made me think how attached we become to certain things and how we like to impose these personal beauty ideals on others. While I might prefer things a certain way or dislike some change a friend makes--other people don't exist to cater to my preferences. I'm not saying I won't grow my hair out again one day, but this hair suits me right now, metaphorically speaking.

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