Slow Death Of Summer

This dress is my summer favorite. I feel it's too vivid to try to layer in fall or winter, so it only comes out with the summer heat. The full skirt always puts a little swing in my step, although I don't really spend my days twirling around empty fields--a picture is a snapshot and captures only one tiny portion of the whole day. Summer gets less fun as you get older, hm? As a child it always meant a release from the strict regime of school and the emergence of magical fireflies, the liberation of feet from shoes, and fun family trips (or moves). Most of my good childhood memories are from summer events--roadtrips we took as we moved from one side of the country to another, or one of the "real vacations" we had one year traveling down to Disney World with my cousin and grandmother. I even remember the excitement of being released from school books to the summer reading program at our local library; with more free time I'd stagger out of the library with nearly more books than I could handle (my mother used to say she wouldn't help me carry books from the library because there was no way I could keep track of returning books on time if I couldn't carry them out on my own). Our local branch in North Carolina when I was in elementary school used to give you rewards--the more books you read the more prizes and random toys you could earn. Yep, summer definitely gets less fun as you get older--no one gives you a toy for reading three books in a single week now...

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