Sparks In Your Eyes

My bedroom is a bit of a mess--forgotten objects from one of my roommates fill corners between my own clutter. Lacking the space for a bookshelf I've filled the bottom drawer of my dresser with my favorite novels and DVDs and other odds and ends. My clothes are color-coordinated and my shoes line the free walls of my room, but I'll not do a closet or room tour since I'm not concerned with temporarily removing things for the sake of photographs or leaving them as they are showing the exercise ball (not mine) on the floor of my closet (that is perhaps until the day I have more space so I actually only show my stuff). The truth is I like pretty things--I own more dresses than practical clothes and thus often end up helping people unpack or something, in a dress that looks out of place for the occasion. Yet, even for me aesthetics only go so far; as I tweeted a few weeks ago "I don't care if it's a vintage glass mason jar or a plastic cup, the contents just better taste good." Sometimes I think people get so concerned with how things appear that they forget to pay attention to whether the vintage sofa they're buying is comfortable. I want to be surrounded with things I find beautiful but I don't want to obsess about placement and lighting to the point that I miss out on enjoying what I have. Obviously, there's an edit in what (of my life or others) is shown online--and who would have it any other way? Showing every detail would lead to a compromisation of privacy, or just you know too much information since most of us lead quite mundane lives. And while I make an effort not to completely stage life (ie changing outfits for pictures), it's impossible to be completely candid (especially when using a self-timer); as soon as an observer is felt then behavior changes. But sometimes the beauty to be found in life is the shadows cast by dandelions--weeds overtaking your carefully manicured yard, that with an exhaled breath cast seeds like snowflakes into the wind...

Anyway, while I clearly didn't spend my day merely twirling in a pink dress with sparklers in my hands I did light up a few in the evening because sparklers and bare feet on green grass during warm nights is how I wish every summer day ended.

Outfit details:
Trashy Diva dress


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