Sunday Remix

I went into my archives for this remix. The skirt is a sweet vintage find and it's quite typical of the skirts that fill local thrift shops. When thrifting skirts pay more attention to fabric and print than size or length--hemming a skirt to a more modern length is a ridiculously easy fix and adding an elastic waistband isn't much more complicated. A print like this one goes with a variety of blouses and even looks good mixed with other prints.



  1. That skirt is AWESOME! I love it with the denim/chambray top :)

  2. Happy blog birthday! Mine has been 3 years in July and yours was one of the firsts I read... I'm happy to still be here to see how you document your life.

  3. Too bad that skirt is thrifted, it's beautiful! Would have definitely bought it in stores. I like how well it goes in every outfit.

  4. I love that skirt and even more so that you remix so many of your things. Sometimes I think, oh this has been on the blog a lot, but then again - that's just a normal wardrobe for you! I agree about thrift store finds. One of my favourite skirts was a ankle length find and now sits just above the knee!

  5. that horse bag pack reminds me of The Science of Sleep SO MUCH..... It's so dreamy!

    love, polly :)

  6. You have styled that skirt so differently every time. Love the intricate and unique pattern.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  7. great sense of contemporary fashion. awesome design

  8. I've love this skirt every time you post it! It's so great and so unique. Great remix!


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