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I visited my parents the other weekend and was treated to some of my favorite home-cooked foods as well as their (highly entertaining) company. We spied these hay bales behind a farm stand where we were purchasing peaches and I couldn't resist the opportunity to take some pictures with them. Typically hay bales are on people's farms and it means crossing fences to trespass on private property. I do enjoy taking pictures outside, but maintain a lot of respect for a person's home and land; most of my photos are snapped at parks or other public areas and occasionally I visit some abandoned barns or properties that seem to exist to no one. These hay bales however were fair game and without much convincing, my father picked me up and set me down on top of one.

Outfit details:
*pictures by my father



  1. These photos are gorgeous, there have been so many lovely places I've wanted to take photos but felt like I was intruding on someones home/privacy. It's awesome you managed to get the photos you always wanted without breaking any laws, and they are such fun photos too xo

  2. These pictures are so fun looking! I love when you do photos where it looks like you are having a good time :)

  3. Beautiful dress! Very romantic photos :)


  4. My first question was "how did she get up there?" so that's awesome that your dad just plopped you up there. Very cute pictures!

  5. These are lovely photos! Some of my favourite memories from my childhood are of playing on the big hay bales in our field.

  6. I really love that dress! The pattern's so unique

  7. That dress is so unique; I especially love the buttons down the back. Too cute!

    - http://blognifique.blogspot.com/

  8. These are gorgeous; so neat that you take such an everyday scene as hay bales and make it special.


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