Passerby Only See A Wisp Of Smoke

I love the eerie quality smoke bombs add to photographs. The world of modern photography can be so sharp. Where's the intrigue of a blurred image as someone moves away or disappears into a shadow? In old films it used to be as much about what they didn't show you as what they did. A director could get your heart racing just by leaving you in the darkness waiting for a reveal that never happens. So, I set off smoke bombs in the forest surrounded with abandoned and moss-covered structures teeming with lazy snails and industrious daddy-long legs, adding my own mystery to the quiet scene--hiding my dancing, prancing, randomness in the woods from people going by.

Outfit details:
Free People dress
Zara purse
*pictures by Brittany


Joanna said...

Agreed, mystery, shadow, and darkness in photos are not used enough right now. I love the added drama of those elements.


LPFashionPhilosophy said...

Oooh, we adore this! The photos are amazing!

ox from NYC!


niki said...

i love when you use smoke in your pictures. it photographs beautifully!
~niki <3

The Flightless Darling said...

That's such a neat and clever trick! I must try it sometime :)

tianna @ Suffcated Bliss said...

I never thought to use this technique. - I do love the eeriness and haunting quality it gives.

- tianna :)

Kristian said...

I love how you expierement with you photos. A simple but very effective thing to bring your photos to the next level.

Daisy said...

I really want to try this!

Sasha said...

The smoke rocks

miha, skinny buddha said...

beautiful pictures. i love the vibe, the mystery, the dress. this was a wonderful experiment!

Two Happy Hearts said...

Oh my goodness, these are stunning!!

Daniela Chimal said...

You look so beautiful. It looks if are you be in a fairy tale :)!
Beautiful dress!


étoile variable said...

Like the colour of your hair. Amazing photos. :-)


Lockie And Lulu said...

Wow your photography is amazing.

So glad I discovered your blog it's so inspirational!

Lockie & Lulu

Dear Miss Pretty said...

thats amazing! love it!