Teddy Bear Massacre

I've barely had this skirt a week but it's already worth its weight in gold for conversation starters. I put it on the instant it arrived in the mail--much to the amusement of my roommates. One even took a picture of it on her phone so she could show it to her friends and family when I wasn't present in said skirt...Yes, this skirt is pure entertainment in fabric form. Whatever other people's reactions to it, I'm quite delighted by the whimsical piece. Vivetta (the design house responsible for this teddy bear construction) always has sweet designs; a few seasons ago they introduced a cat skirt of a very similar style. This one feels as fuzzy as a real teddy bear and brings a smile to my face as easily. I do enjoy clothes with a sense of humor.

Outfit details:
DKNY heels
vintage Coach purse
Chanel lipstick
*pictures by Kate



  1. You have no idea just how gutted I am I don't live in the US for a Modcloth. They have so many awesome clothes - I want this skirt so much! :)

  2. this is THE most awesome skirt. I have already pinned it on pinterest for inspiration. love how you have styled it too, as Id say it would be quite difficult to style. xo

  3. Just had to laugh, that skirt is so fun!! Many moons ago I owned a cashmere shawl trimmed with teddy bear heads... and it was quite the whimsical piece as well. Sadly in my country this type of things are usually just pointed at and made fun of, not in a delightful way but in a very offensive manner...

  4. Oh!! This outfit is super cute!


  5. Haha, that skirt is awesome! I cannot wait to see how you re-style it xo

  6. i love the shoes and shirt. so cute!

  7. I love clothes that have a sense of humor about them. The sort of clothes that make you smile and that put you in a better mood when you wear them. I particurarly love this skirt and how you styled it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. I was like "Yeah, yeah, teddy bear face skirt -- more importantly, I OWN THAT SAME BAG! Eff, yeah!"

    Seriously, though: That skirt is brilliant, and you are a brave lady for rocking it in real life. :D

  9. Holy goodness, this skirt is the cutest thing ever! I wish I had seen the kitty one, perhaps since I am always on a mainly thrifting only budget, I will try to make one of my own! You look super cute and I can only imagine that it is a conversation starter haha! I would imagine random children may come up and try to snuggle you- I would!
    xo Hannah

  10. This skirt is so cute, haha. I love conversational clothing!


  11. It's adorable!! But seems like the sort of skirt that needs a name.

  12. Very Unique skirt (very cool)!! Poor Teddy Ruxpin' we now know what happened to you. The hunters finally got you and made your head into a really cute skirt for Rebecca. It is a sad day for children everywhere. But fashion wise its awesome!!

  13. such an amazing skirt! i would be tempted to cuddle with it at night ;)

  14. LOVELY OUTFIT!!!! *_*
    gorgeous skirt and blouse <3


  15. your bear is so cute! i die! your hair looks fantastic by the way. what's this about roomies? i've obviously been away for a while.

  16. @MarieBayArea, I live in PA now. I have 2 roommates--soon I'll have 3 as I'm moving to a new house, but now I have a year's lease so after that things shouldn't change anytime soon...


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