The Way A River Went

A short while ago Fred Flare contacted me to see if I would be interested in receiving a few items from their store. Since I'm a fan of Fred Flare it was easy to say yes and pick out this awesome mock neck dress and cateye sunglasses (I really do love dresses that show off my shoulders). I immediately wore the dress out for dinner with friends and an evening walk down by the river with my roommates. It was such a wonderful time; I found a quiet spot for pictures while Kate and Brittany wandered off in their own directions. Kate was taking pictures of the sunset on the water while Brittany was exploring dirt trails--she came back with a baby toad she had caught. It was exactly sort of summer evening I never want to end...until mosquitos start to emerge with a fury and chase us back indoors.

I'm also partnering with Fred Flare for a giveaway--so check back this afternoon to enter that.


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