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I've been thinking lately about how hard it can be to write blog posts. The photos are relatively easy. Relatively because writing is creating content from nothing--a blank white screen--but photography is documenting an event. As long as I manage to wake up and stumble outside I can document my outfit in a photograph. Obviously I complicate the matter by trying to dress a certain way most days and prefer to only shoot in specific sorts of locations (pastoral as a descriptor comes to mind ). Still, aside from those details the fact remains one is documenting actual occurring events and the other is creating them. Writing can be relaying what has occurred, where the pictures took place, etc, but I find those sorts of posts rather dull to write. Like most people, I find my own life mundane; which isn't to say I can't be fascinated by the minutiae of another soul's day. So, I usually struggle to write something creative, romantic--inspired by my day, based on true events, but all analogies for greater thoughts and concepts, allusions turning lakesides into places profound. It's how I like to see the world and record it. The daily aspect of a blog rather drags on the profound though and thus it is hard to write posts that state more than the obvious...

Outfit details:
vintage belt



  1. gorgeous photos!


  2. i've personally played around with the idea of never writing anything and letting the photos do all the work, but since i am such a talkative and conversational person, it would never work. but indeed - i actually find it quite hard to narrow down what i want to say to a single anecdote that makes sense together.

    and your scenery is always so beautiful. this dress is totally adorable on you and i love how the colors in your outfit are so outdoorsy in this.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. I agree completely! What makes matters worse: I usually have something I want to say/write when I'm NOT writing my blog posts. Wow, mind, you just blow me away. That last bit was sarcasm, of course.

  4. I find your writings to be the biggest reason I return to your blog every day - even though I love the pics and the outfits - as I have stated before. You are one of the best writers online these days, and I do have a sinere pelasure in reading your posts. I tend to disregard bloggers that post only images of themselves with no text whatsoever, even if they be gorgeous and their outfits wonderful - it is a bit like staring into empty shells.

  5. I think as a blogger we all struggle with the same things. I sometimes find that my writing is stronger than my photos, but you seem to have a nice balance in your blog.

  6. I definitely struggle the most with words, I'm an avid reader but I find writing most difficult. I'm also a photographer so the photography part isn't challenging for me, although you also have to put a big effort on it :) Love the dress and the sandals, especially! :)

  7. I really appreciate your writing- it's a huge part of what keeps me coming back to your blog over and over again. I agree that coming up with creative content for the blog can be difficult, especially for those who post daily or multiple times a day. For me you have the best combination in a blog- beautiful photos and interesting writing!

  8. Really thoughtful post. I would argue that even the photography for a blog post, isn't documenting an event, it is the creation of an event. You said that you dress a certain way because of the blog. And the camera doesn't happen to just capture you while you're walking through this beautiful pastoral scene. All of us with blogs do this.

    You're director of your blog movie, or the editor of your blog magazine as well as being the writer. Not arguing, I promise. Just offering a differing perspective. :)

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  9. I certainly know how you feel and I think other bloggers had this kind of struggles as well. Sometimes I would rather just write a blog post without pictures because those pictures seem pointless and make the blog post seems less serious. Not that I'm trying to make all the posts sound serious but I felt like it wasn't necessary. However, these days it seems like the pictures are what draw the readers in, and the words second. And that is why I think it is important to keep the balance of both visual and words in a blog post. Anyway, always love reading your blog (though I don't leave a comment here much) and you are really cute :)!

  10. 1) Love the photos
    2) Interesting thoughts about writing. I'd never considered the difference in the process between photography and writing, but that is true.

  11. These photos are so beautiful. Love the smile in the last pic. Beautiful dress!

  12. love this dress. love. this. dress.


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