Writing About Writing

I've been thinking lately about how hard it can be to write blog posts. The photos are relatively easy. Relatively because writing is creating content from nothing--a blank white screen--but photography is documenting an event. As long as I manage to wake up and stumble outside I can document my outfit in a photograph. Obviously I complicate the matter by trying to dress a certain way most days and prefer to only shoot in specific sorts of locations (pastoral as a descriptor comes to mind ). Still, aside from those details the fact remains one is documenting actual occurring events and the other is creating them. Writing can be relaying what has occurred, where the pictures took place, etc, but I find those sorts of posts rather dull to write. Like most people, I find my own life mundane; which isn't to say I can't be fascinated by the minutiae of another soul's day. So, I usually struggle to write something creative, romantic--inspired by my day, based on true events, but all analogies for greater thoughts and concepts, allusions turning lakesides into places profound. It's how I like to see the world and record it. The daily aspect of a blog rather drags on the profound though and thus it is hard to write posts that state more than the obvious...

Outfit details:
vintage belt


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