Alleyways and Payphone Calls

Lancaster is pitted with private little alleyways like this one; some fenced and some painted they lead to tiny squares of yard. This one lies just behind my new house in the city and I couldn't resist snapped a few pictures back there with the help of my roommate Kate. Moving always takes adjustment and city-living is always a bigger change than the suburbs or somewhere rural. It's strange to remember that the last time I lived in a city was in Greece. A few months in a shared apartment a couple of flights (or frighteningly old elevator ride) up from busy Athens streets. Between classes I'd wander around frequenting bookstores and small bakeries in search of the "best baklava" the city had to offer. I spent most of the time on my feet with my headphones in listening to The Shins and devouring everything with my eyes, on lazy days I'd ride the subways looking for missed connections and a break from the late-summer heat. Now, I'm in a city again. A much smaller one and I depend more on my car than public transportation, but I hope with time I'll grow into the habit of exploring this urban setting on my two good legs...

Outfit details:
ASOS sweater
vintage Coach purse
*pictures by Kate


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