Lincoln Center

New York is always such a sudden departure from my norm, no matter how many fashion weeks I attend. I went from driving myself wherever I needed to be AC blasting, radio blaring, eyes darting from the road to passing scenery every few seconds--to riding the subways with my headphones firmly pressed into my ears and my eyes largely fixed on the ground. Fashion week is always a surreal place anyway; despite subways, sore feet, humidity and host of other human or physical sensations it still doesn't feel "real." There's still a certain magic to seeing a model stomp down the runway in a floor length gown that hasn't worn off for me yet. I only attended a few shows in Lincoln Center this season, but Erin was also there on this day and was kind enough to snap some outfit pictures for me. We bumped into each other quite a bit (as usual!) and she patiently snapped several days of outfits for me, so I'm looking forward to seeing the final images.

Outfit details:
Myne blouse
Carven skirt
*pictures by Erin of Calivintage



  1. gorgeous! that skirt is amazing! Hope you're having fun!

  2. Such a cute skirt!

  3. I love your blouse. Your skin and makeup look divine.

  4. Hope you had a fun fashion week! This is an adorable outfit and your hair with those sunglasses is a winning combination! ❤

  5. Love! The skirt and the glasses, J'adore :)!

  6. Lovely outfit! the skirt and the glasses are stunning <3!


  7. This outfit is so chic - and that's not a word I throw around lightly :)

  8. This is such a great outfit and i love the way you can see your reflection, great photos. xxx

  9. Such a cute scenic skirt.


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