Outside Of Time

There's a real magic to the beauty of nature--stars peeking through clouds on night when you can just begin to feel autumn's chill; standing in the shadows of ancient trees reaching towards a sun they almost seem to reach; even watching a vine of weeds fight against man's progress as it sprouts into the minuscule spaces between bricks. How mysterious too that nature is timeless yet ever changing--the constantness of an ocean's waves repeatedly beating shore but shifting tides by the hour and fury with weather's whimsy. The eternal struggle of trees to grow upward even as they kaleidoscope with the seasons, casting off their leaves every winter and accepting laurels of snow and ice. I'd like to visit this stone megalith park in every season to watch the trees set afire by fall before being blanketed with winter's coat of white--to witness the passing of time in a place outside of age or era. It seems to exist out of the present for all of its modern origins. Stone archways almost seem capable of carrying you to a forest primordial, but the hum of cicadas on the other side, the warm late summer sun feels the same as before you crossed over. In the end, it is merely a quiet corner of stone and green, outside of the modern world's construction and chaos, but within this time.

Outfit details:
ALICE by Temperley London dress
Seychelles sandals
*pictures by Jon


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