Shop Ruche Kindred Spirits Lookbook

Most people know that the name of my blog comes from the term "clothes horse" meaning someone obsessively interested in clothes, or the frame on which clothes are hung to dry (which is what I typically use for drying laundry!). So, there are no references to horses in my blog title and very little history of horses in my life; I think I rode a pony at a fair once...Still, due to the name choice I have developed a fondness for horse-themed clothing and their appearance in lookbooks or editorials. So, Shop Ruche Kindred Spirits Lookbook is a natural fit to share...there's even an alpaca in the lookbook and who doesn't find those creatures amusing? The equestrian ribbons might be my favorite detail in the series--would love to have a few of those around my room or even tacked on to a purse.


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