Sunday Remix

This cardigan was part of my school uniform in high school...well the one year of high school I spent at a private school with a uniform (it was quite a transition after my years in public school). It's the only piece of my uniform I still own and wear, but there's something wonderful about the slouchy fit I never get tired of and the heavy wool makes it perfect for winter layering. Besides the fact that I wear it often enough in fall and winter, there's a sentimental attachment--memories of one happy year trapped in the pockets. Sometimes my closet feels far too crowded, but then I keep finding really old pieces like this one I'm too attached to get rid of.



  1. very cute! You've had so many different hair styles!

  2. Absolutely love the top outfit. Very simple and elegant! Your photography always kills me, it's so precious! Where did you get that dress? It's gorgeous!

  3. @Melanie, thanks! I'm going to assume you mean the dress in the top picture--it's from Family Affairs.

  4. As soon as I saw your cardigan, I thought of high school. I use to have a maroon one just like it and a heather gray one. I went to all girls Catholic school and this was part of our uniform as well. So smart of you to hold on to yours. I should check my parents basement to see if they still have mine. I doubt it. Such a great piece.

  5. It really does have a fun fit.

    What a different expeirnces that must have been- private and public high school life!


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