Mustache Bash

About a week ago my housemates and I had a little house-warming party. The theme was "classy mustache cocktail party" with prizes for the best 'stache. I (perhaps) planned my outfit out more than a week in advance...any excuse to wear this sequined cap I've owned for several years was quite welcome. I had a really lovely night hanging out with some old friends and meeting new people. Parties usually aren't my scene (I'd rather be hiding in my room with a good book), but every so often it's the perfect sort of evening where everyone looks nice, conversation sparks easily without burning too hot, and you float to your bed at the end of the night feeling quite pleased with yourself--fully ignoring the clean-up you will have to attend to the next morning...
P.S. I threw in a couple pictures I took of Jon on the same night, so you can see my friend who is occasionally behind the camera.

Outfit details:
vintage sequin cap
Zara dress
Platinum BP heels
*pictures by Jon


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