Old But Not Very Wise

I never got much back-to-school excitement, either the first day or any subsequent morning during the school year even when I was in junior high--I was pretty tired of classes and classmates and homework. I loved reading, I even enjoyed many of my assignments, but turning them in, worrying about grades, vague attempts at socialization with people I lacked common interests with...it was a drag. I almost didn't go to college because it just seemed an extension of the false promises of glory years that never happened in high school. What did get me excited (and still does) was some nights or mornings when I've planned out a perfect outfit. Either with new pieces or old ones I had never pictured together before, a good outfit makes me excited to start a new day. It's as if the clothes hold the promise of good things--more than the activities planned for the day, there's a strange potential in a well-planned outfit. It's obvious in the way heels change your gait; either giving you confidence and straightening your posture, or slowing you to a snail's pace--clothes affect your attitude, affect your day, etc. So, when an outfit feels like kismet, one hopes the day will be equally spectacular. This was one such outfit that I was excited to get up and put on.

Outfit details:
Fred Flare sunglasses
UO blouse
vintage Coach purse



  1. I like the sun glasses!


  2. Oh, I know just what you mean! A good outfit makes you excited to get up.

    I love this outfit and the photos look like old vacation photos- sort of vintage, you know.

  3. A good outfit does hold a lot of promise and potential. The change in attitude and outlook is the most profound I feel.


  4. I've always loved planning my outfits the day before, even to this day. But I actually really like school >_<. Not my major, but all the interesting classes I can take instead of it. Just love.

    These pictures give the illusion that you're walking on water. I love them!

    -Stephanie from Chocolate Laced

  5. I think it was worthy to be aware during the night. It is such a lovely outfit.

  6. Definitely enjoy planning outfits for each day of the week when I have classes. It makes going to school a little bit more fun.

    If I wore this outfit, I'd be super happy. It's gorgeous. :D

    Mostly Lisa

  7. I'm in college right now and one of the only reasons I even get out of bed in the morning and go to class is because I planned a cute outfit the night before!

  8. "Souvenirs" no "souveniers" :-)))
    I love your blog, your style !

  9. I've always felt the same way for clothes. A new dress or one worn in a new way always perks up my mood.

    I think that was the only thing good about school -- endless opportunity for fashion choices. Sometimes it felt like my dresses were my companions, keeping me in high spirits when others didn't.

    You look beautiful, as always.

    xx amy

  10. @Anonymous, whoops thanks! my posts have been riddled with typos lately :/


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