Praise The Ripe Field

The wonderful thing about taking pictures on weekends and staying a few days ahead means that when I do get sick I can lay around in sweatpants (I own a pair!) and the blog still goes on. I took these pictures on a healthier day. There are so many corn fields, pumpkin patches, hay bales and so on around my area it was only fitting to photograph myself in some of them. My roommates are proposing a trip through a corn maze one weekend, but at the moment anything involving the outdoors with the cold weather and healthy, happy people sounds terrible. Right now all I seem to be able to handle is living curled up around a space heater in a nest of blankets with my favorite books and a steady stream of Netflix going. My mind isn't at its normal functioning levels, but I don't know whether to blame the cold or the cocktail of medicine my friends have supplied me with. Now if I could just get my housemates to also provide room service I might never have to leave this cozy little lair I've made...

Outfit details:
Zara dress


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