Sea Fall 2012

Sea really makes great laid back, cool collections--the sorts of clothes that unapproachable girl you see on the subway always seems to be wearing. She's there every morning with headphones firmly in place and sunglasses to hide her smudged make-up or the bags under her eyes or some other sign of what she was doing last night when you were already tucked into bed and the bit of her expression you can see clearly indicates she doesn't care about the sideye she gets for wearing sunglasses indoors and underground. But despite the hangover you suspect and her undone hair and her beat-up men's loafers when other girls stumble around in wedges and heels and chipped red nails--she's the coolest person on the subway platform wearing sequins and slouchy sweaters at 8am one day and oversized houndstooth vintage dress with a leather jacket the next. Her costume changes daily, but her expression and sunglasses do not.


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