Shoulder Of Another

I'm not usually one for single-shouldered dresses, but there's an exception to every rule. They certainly offer a different sort of look and suit warm-weather days. These pictures were snapped on one of our last mild days before the cold front descended. Now I'm spending my days and evenings bundled up beneath multiple layers of cotton and knits, while fantasizing about a trip to Florida. Cold feels colder when you're being cheap and resisting turning on the heat, making the indoors the same temperature as the outdoors. If you can't tell, I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to fall and winter weather. I know I'll get used to the colder temperatures soon enough, but right now it's quite uncomfortable and I long for bare leg month again. One day I really must live in a place of eternal summer again...

Outfit details:
Nanette Lepore heels, gift
*pictures by Kate



  1. I love this one shoulder look on you!! And those heels are amazing + the leather jacket?! Beautiful!

  2. I like the shoes

  3. So,so pretty! Great dress!

  4. OMG! That dress is so pretty! I like the subtle sexy look of the one-shoulder. It definitely adds a bit of sex apeal without being too sexy. Perfect for a nice dinner date!

  5. I always think there's a kind of olden-day glamour to one-shoulder dresses...and this one is no exception :) It looks beautiful on you and those gold shoes really jazz it up. I hate the cold..I'm the kind of person that brings a hot water bottle to bed even at the height of summer so I feel your pain!!

  6. You look stunning in the first picture! I love your haircut! Please keep it like that, you look better in short hair.

  7. Great shoes!

  8. I'm not one for one shoulder dresses either but this one is lovely, and it shows off your tattoo really well. I'm being stubborn about the cold weather too, I should really turn the heating on but I just can't face admitting it has reached that point yet. Fingers crossed for one good day before winter hits everyone properly xo

  9. I admittedly do love a one shoulder dress - and this one is no exception. It looks stunning on you! And with those shoes? Perfect

  10. I love your pixie haircut :)
    You should dress that TBA mushroom print dress you have more often, I once saw you wearing it in an older post and I loved it.

  11. The DRESS and the HAIR. You are a knock out!


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