The Allure Of The Pencil Skirt

Every time I wear this skirt I talk about how I never wear it. It's still a valid statement though; I've had it for more than four years and yet I still rarely pull it out of my drawer. As much as I try, I'm really not a pencil skirt type of girl. I distinctly remember the first time I wore it--one evening in college I neglected my studies to borrow Le Mepris from the library and watch it tucked away in my dorm room. I was incredibly inspired by Bardot's style in the film and spent the night ripping up an old tee shirt to make a thick, knit headband like she wears in part of the film. This skirt had been bought a few weeks prior and never worn, but with a simple tank, fitted cardigan, and heavy eyeliner my Camille inspired outfit was complete. It was the first time I had dressed so intentionally in college and I remember feeling ostentatious all day--my roommates commented on my look, as well as some of my professors, but just picturing Bardot in my head made me walk through the day with a swing to my hips. Sometimes it's really fun to wear almost a costume out of the house, even though I'm still no Camille or Bardot.

Outfit details:
cateye sunglasses
ASOS sweater
thrifted skirt
Jeffrey Campbell heels
vintage Coach purse
*pics by Kate



  1. Lovely photos as always. Your skirt and sweater are perfect together.

  2. very nice...I love the pencil skirt on you!

  3. I'm not much of a pencil skirt girl either--but this looks so good on you Rebecca! You should definitely wear it more :)

  4. Very pretty skirt and bag!

  5. Very cute outfit Rebecca!! Just curious who are you voting for in this years presidential election?

  6. I love the look of pencil skirts but whenever I wear one I get so annoyed that I can't walk at my usual pace. They are just too constricting for me, although I love the way they look. I love the colour of this one though, and the way you styled it xo

  7. I really like your style! You could totally be a Godard muse. I think it's the sweet pixie cut.


  8. @Anonymous, sorry I really hate talking about politics online. In person, I'm comfortable with the subject, but online things get heated really quickly.

  9. That pencil skirt goes great with that sweater, very cute!

  10. That sweater - oh my, I need it in my life right now!

  11. I went through a week long pencil skirt phase and now I'm sick of them. I hate wearing them to school because I feel like I can't seem to cover myself when I sit down. Your sweater is adorable, bee tee dubss.

  12. I don't know why you don't wear pencil skirts more often, cause they do look great on you! and you know what would look nice? a patterned one!


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