The Allure Of The Pencil Skirt

Every time I wear this skirt I talk about how I never wear it. It's still a valid statement though; I've had it for more than four years and yet I still rarely pull it out of my drawer. As much as I try, I'm really not a pencil skirt type of girl. I distinctly remember the first time I wore it--one evening in college I neglected my studies to borrow Le Mepris from the library and watch it tucked away in my dorm room. I was incredibly inspired by Bardot's style in the film and spent the night ripping up an old tee shirt to make a thick, knit headband like she wears in part of the film. This skirt had been bought a few weeks prior and never worn, but with a simple tank, fitted cardigan, and heavy eyeliner my Camille inspired outfit was complete. It was the first time I had dressed so intentionally in college and I remember feeling ostentatious all day--my roommates commented on my look, as well as some of my professors, but just picturing Bardot in my head made me walk through the day with a swing to my hips. Sometimes it's really fun to wear almost a costume out of the house, even though I'm still no Camille or Bardot.

Outfit details:
cateye sunglasses
ASOS sweater
thrifted skirt
Jeffrey Campbell heels
vintage Coach purse
*pics by Kate


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