A Grownup Is A Child With Layers On

Part of me thinks there are too many colors or elements going on in this outfit, but the greater part of me concedes that it is wintry and these sorts of things happen. Outfits are so much more minimalistic and stream-lined in spring or summer; I always feel my most ladylike in a simple full-skirted dress and sandals. Yet the same streamlining--say head-to-toe black in winter--makes me feel as if I'm attending a funeral. So we mix elements and throw on more colors with each layer and most of the time I enjoy the combinations but even if it's not quite right, if I'm warm I'm willing to overlook the discord. Black, brown, navy, and grey? Why shouldn't they go together when it adds up to something cozy? This outfit is only the beginnings of layers really--come cooler days there will be scarves, socks on top of tights, mittens, further cardigans, etc...

Outfit details:
Fred Flare dress
vintage shoes



  1. I think your mix of colours are great and have given me so many ideas! Thank you!

  2. The many colors in this look all work so well together. It might be much but it looks really nice I think. This has given me some new ideas to try out too :)

  3. I'm the exact opposite: I tend to feel more ladylike while wearing less colours, and I do tend to keep the use of brights and colour mixes for Spring and Summer, being a very boring gothic-y clad in greys, and blacks, and dark greens and burgundies all through the cooler months..

  4. Lovely photos - the last one is really cute!


  5. i really want that cardigan! it's so bold and the colors are lovely
    ~niki <3

  6. While I truly adore your style, I definitely have to say that I typically can't totally feel at ease in anything streamlined. That being said, this look is so fun. I tend to buy things in the same colors so throwing on a bunch of different items in the winter is luckily easy in a wardrobe of mostly creams and blues.

    Triple Thread

  7. first off you are like a little fairy in these photos. we're totally obsessed!!! the outfit is great & the location is magical.


    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  8. I thought to myself " I love fully opaque tights. love them" then scroll down to see they are socks. BRAIN FIREWORKS...oh. well socks are cool too.

  9. Thrifted skirts are seriously the best pieces a girl could have in her wardrobe, haha. You have made me realize that I need a striped shirt, though.Thanks for sharing.
    Current Fashion Trends


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