Borders Of Gold With Studs Of Silver

While the Mulleavy sisters have become problematic designers for me to enjoy, I still have a very sentimental attachment to their Fall 2008 collection. It was like a dark fairytale come to life--the mix of romantic floaty dresses and dangerous spikes. The collection was dreamy, powerful and exactly the sort of dramatic show that makes me excited about fashion; it isn't completely couture (and thus nearly unwearable for every day), but it does have the power to be transformative for how you dress and interact with the world. The play of soft and hard elements is something I love to replicate--even wearing my most feminine dresses with short hair, flats, and minimal make up feels like a subtle extension of that. This sweatshirt was a natural addition to my closet with the best combination of soft (so cozy) and hard from the shoulder studs. I do believe it will become one of my most worn pieces this winter.

Outfit details:
vintage shoes
*pictures by Kate


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