Borders Of Gold With Studs Of Silver

While the Mulleavy sisters have become problematic designers for me to enjoy, I still have a very sentimental attachment to their Fall 2008 collection. It was like a dark fairytale come to life--the mix of romantic floaty dresses and dangerous spikes. The collection was dreamy, powerful and exactly the sort of dramatic show that makes me excited about fashion; it isn't completely couture (and thus nearly unwearable for every day), but it does have the power to be transformative for how you dress and interact with the world. The play of soft and hard elements is something I love to replicate--even wearing my most feminine dresses with short hair, flats, and minimal make up feels like a subtle extension of that. This sweatshirt was a natural addition to my closet with the best combination of soft (so cozy) and hard from the shoulder studs. I do believe it will become one of my most worn pieces this winter.

Outfit details:
vintage shoes
*pictures by Kate



  1. I always find that outfits with contradictory elements are my favorite. I'm never comfortable with going all out in one direction or the other- tulle dresses and skirts will always go best with studs and menswear elements to me, not bows and pastel shades. This outfit is such a great example of classic and "edgy" (can't think of a way to avoid that trite term), so naturally I love it.

    Triple Thread

  2. fun- makes me think of joan of ark with the short hair and battle-esque wear. I'd we worried about the spikes snagging my coats though. is it hard to wear the sweater under something else?

  3. u r sooo cute :) i really like u'r studded t-shirt n your over coat.
    great post :)

  4. great jumper

  5. @Kitsune-kun, not yet. It hasn't snagged on any of my coats, maybe a sweater material would snag, but it's fine on my linings so far.

  6. Amazing sweater, love how you styled it too!

  7. the soft/hard combination is a fun one to try to pull off, and this outfit looks great! also, I saw your haircut on tumblr and you shouldn't fret at all, it looks adorable!! my pixie is growing out wildly too and I'm really really tempted to go back to that short jean seberg because it was so easy.

  8. wow that sweater is really great! I am a big fan of the hard/soft look. I also like mixing feminine and masculine, I find that opposites definitely attract in fashion :)
    Rebecca @

  9. I love how we go from pearls from your last outfit post to studs! You're blog always reminds me that we are never confined to one style. Love this look on you. <3

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  10. The metallic studs make the jumper so eye-catching! The perfect way to add an edge to a classic sweater.

  11. Me encanta el look¡¡
    Las fotos muy bonitas.

  12. LOVE this sweater. I would so so buy it if I wasn't afraid it would damage my children!!


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