Camera Lies

The serenity of pictures taken in some of the most restless times always surprises me. Even on days when everything seems to go wrong, I snap a few photos and if the angle is right I look calm and collected (I work very hard to find that angle). These pictures were some of the hardest to take so far this autumn; it was extremely windy up on this walking bridge and brighter than I had anticipated and colder. My hands were quite red and numb by the time I had finished snapping my shots and I was quite grateful to be able to bury them in my mittens and pockets again. Yet in these photos you barely see evidence of the wind's fury against my face and skirt. Because after all a picture captures a single moment and renders it still--it often tells a quiet story.

Outfit details:
Modcloth hat
Tulle coat
H&M cardigan
UO blouse
thrifted skirt
Wolford tights
Modcloth saddle shoes
Tumblr tote


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