Plight Of The Pixie

I no longer believe people who say short hair is so much easier and they spend less time getting ready in the morning...maybe their hair is just a different texture from mine. When I had long hair I could throw it easily into braids or a ponytail and even most mornings without brushing it, it just looked decently wavy and could be left alone. Now I wake up with bed-head and no option but to style it unless I want my head to resemble some strange bird of paradise's out-of-control feathers. Additionally, frequent visits to the hair dresser become necessary. So, please tell me again how this is saving me time..? I like my hair short, but while it may look more low-maintenance than locks down to my elbows, do not believe the illusion. All this to say: I need to make an appointment for a hair cut.
P.S. Like the oxfords? A new giveaway with Blowfish shoes is coming this afternoon!

Outfit details:
vintage cardigan
Rebecca Minkoff backpack


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