Plight Of The Pixie

I no longer believe people who say short hair is so much easier and they spend less time getting ready in the morning...maybe their hair is just a different texture from mine. When I had long hair I could throw it easily into braids or a ponytail and even most mornings without brushing it, it just looked decently wavy and could be left alone. Now I wake up with bed-head and no option but to style it unless I want my head to resemble some strange bird of paradise's out-of-control feathers. Additionally, frequent visits to the hair dresser become necessary. So, please tell me again how this is saving me time..? I like my hair short, but while it may look more low-maintenance than locks down to my elbows, do not believe the illusion. All this to say: I need to make an appointment for a hair cut.
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Outfit details:
vintage cardigan
Rebecca Minkoff backpack



  1. love the chunky snood & the seemed tights!!
    and short hair is not always easy but you make it look marvelous!!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  2. Long hair is deceptively low-care, you're right.

    Love the outfit. That cowl is great.

  3. Ah! Yes! I was just saying this to my friend and she didn't quite get it, but when it's dirty or just not working you can't just put it in a ponytail and go ...

  4. I agree about the hair issue. However, I just cut off about 10 in from my hair about 4 months ago, and even with the extra upkeep/need for a curling iron/product, I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon. For me anyways, the way short hair plays with my features makes me look back at my pictures with long hair in ponytails and say, "Why didn't I cut it sooner?"

  5. I know exactly what you mean! I first pixied 3 years ago, it was a big change from having hair down to my waist. At first I loved it because I convinced myself it was easier. But with having to keep trimming (especially at the back of the neck and around my ears) and don't even get me started on those mornings when I looked like a Japanese anime character. My hair grew back, and in February, whabam! I decided that I should cut my hair again. I regret it so much.
    I so miss having long hair for just that reason - I could throw it up in a ponytail and a cute bow and voila, I'm all ready. I cannot do anything like that now! I'm (luckily) closer to a bob now, but that may take even more work than a bob - I have to blow dry it every morning, and then straighten it. Sometimes it looks ok when left to dry naturally, but that's a rare occasion.With the pixie I could throw in some wax and it would look decent.
    I am so frustrated! I wish hair grew quicker. I do love a pixie cut on you though, but long hair is also gorgeous. Your outfit is the cutest, and the oxfords are very nice! Your cowl looks heavenly.

  6. I know the feeling, when I wake up, my hair just points at every direction possible... Short hair does not save time :)

  7. Well, that just shattered my short-hair illusions! I must say, though, that I think the pixie cut really suits you beautifully :)

  8. I've got the same problem with my hair! Short hair just doesn't work for me, that's why I'm growing it again... But I do think your hair always looks perfect in the pictures!

    xoxo, Femke
    By Button

  9. i totally agree! i loved my short hair but it's timely and costly to keep up. now i'm growing it out into a bob.
    ~niki <3

  10. ...exactly why I have not made the plunge and chopped off all my hair! (Well, that and cowardice.) Frequent haircuts and styling just seem like so much more effort than throwing it into a messy bun.

  11. This outfit is making my heart pitter patter right here!

  12. I had a pixie cut for ages, and though I loved it I completely agree with you about the styling thing - I spent ages every morning straightening it. In the end I decided enough was enough. Yours really suits you though, and I absolutely love the colour of your hair as well- I wish I had red hair!

    Hebe xx

  13. It really does just depend on what kind of hair you have, with my hair there is no way that I could ever just let it air dry when it's long, I have to dry it, straighten it, curl it, style it and then hope that it stays like that for more than 10 min. when I had a pixie all I had to do was run a tiny bit of Kinky hair wax through it and let it air dry :/

  14. Cutting my hair off was the best hair choice I've ever made! I suppose it depends on how much maintanence your long hair requires- mine was a bit of a pain- always getting knotted and frequently frizzy.
    Yes you have to manage bed heads and frequent hair cuts with a pixie cut -- but I still think its worth it for me.

  15. Totally agree that short hair needs more care, and I tend to spend more due to frequent cuts and more styling products. But you look gorgeous, short hair seems to make your features pop! :) Love your cardi against the red leaves!


  16. I have the same cut as yours, and I love it! I have horrible bed head in the morning too, but I just jump in the shower or splash some water on my head, comb everything down and let it dry. I cut it all myself too, even the back - at first it looked kind of choppy, but after I practiced a little I got it right. It's soooo easy for me to just trim everything myself every other week, and I don't plan to have long hair ever again.

  17. For me a pixie is definitely easier, as my hair is super fine and thin. When it was long I had to brush every hour or else it looked like a rats nest. And I couldn't just tie it into braids, because the fineness meant it would be coming out at every angle and I'd have to braid so tightly I looked like an extra on Little House on the Prairie. Bleck.
    With the pixie I wash it, I dry it, and I go. I don't use styling products all I do is brush it into the way I want it to lay. I have the perfect hair for this style. Also, I learned how to cut my own hair. I've never been precious about my locks, so the possibility of screwing up doesn't scare me. I've had a year of practice now and I think I've totally gotten the hang of it. Clippers in the back and snipping in the front. Done!
    It might well be that you have a difficult hair texture for a pixie. Ask your stylist next time you go, they can usually tell you if they think it is more work than you need.

  18. i totally agree!! i decided to go short hair just few days ago (kinda like yours) and i couldn't say more. i always apply hair serum to somehow lessen the volume and most of the time, i comb it with my fingers.

    however, i realized i became more confident of my femininity and always love the contrast between boy-ish haircut/look and feminine style/outfit :)

    paint it stripes

  19. Hair texture really does play a role. I step out of the shower, towel off my head and brush my pixie cut. Total styling time: 15 seconds

    My bob was a pain to care for. It had to be dried and heat styled daily. Total styling time: 10-15 minutes.

    Longer hair wasn't as bad as the bob, but not as easy as the pixie. I had to towel dry and wring it, brush it out and then wait a bit (with still drippy hair) to pull it into a pony tail or braid. Styling time: 2-3 minutes for lazy hair. Forget the 20-30 minutes for drying and styling, which is the only way I could wear it loose.

  20. ahhh I knooowww. I used to get away with cutting my hair like twice a year....(myself), and now I have to go SO often to a real salon or I look like a mess. I love that I feel like my hair actually matches my style more now though. love it love it.

  21. Hello,

    I've silently enjoyed your blog for a few months now, and I just had to chime in!

    When I first discovered your blog, I scrolled back through many of your older posts to enjoy your efforts here. I must tell you, that your pixie is what sets you apart (in the very best way.) Your older photos with your long hair, while lovely, hid your fine features. I hope you don't mind me saying so. I found myself coming back to your more recent shots with the short hair. They simply captured a fragility and edge that the long hair photos did not (for me.) It seemed it brought you and your outfits into focus in a special way.

    Confession: I cut my hair over a year ago into a pixie. So, obviously I'm biased. ;) I chopped off over a foot of hair. Every now and then when I think I'm over my cut (although it's not often) I remember how dry, frizzy, and/or limp and dead looking it was. Suddenly, I over it!

    Truthfully, you have the perfect face for the pixie. And the colour is so stunning against your locations.

    Whatever you decide to do in the future, I hope you will consider my inconsequential, little opinion.

    I appreciate this blog, keep well.

  22. I'm loving this look! And your hair looks great, even if does take more effort now.



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