Sad Clone

This feels like a "sad clone" outfit, a term I'm borrowing from Kater referencing the incredibly sad film and book by the same tile: Never Let Me Go. The idea is piled on layers in muted tones; cozy but moody and reflective of the characters lack of wardrobe options--things don't always match or fit properly. It's a fitting style for these wintry months that turn so many people into moody basket-cases and shut-ins. A line from Anna Karenina is haunting me at the moment, "but it was distasteful for her to read, that is, to follow the reflection of other people's live. She had too great a desire to live herself." I do loathe those characters that dislike reading and whom I find myself reading about as I languish indoors for long hours...makes me feel quite misplaced in my attachment to novels.

Outfit details:


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