Apparent Wind

I'm quite addicted to nautical details--there's just something about sailor collars and stripes that I can't quite resist. They're classic, but it's small details that set apart one blue sweater from another, details that change an outfit from ordinary to slightly unexpected and set one apart from the crowd with sublety. I'm much rather have my clothes make a quiet statement then wear a pile of sequins and loud least at the moment--there are times when daytime sequins seem quite called for.

Outfit details:



  1. I love the nautical look on you too!

  2. The photos are so pretty, I love the almess of this place :)
    And the bear hat... super-cute! :)

  3. So cute! I happen to love nautical-inspired things too, it never seems to go out of date.

  4. I've been eyeing that J.Crew purse! its so perfect

    xo Jackie

  5. your photo sets with jon are seriously the best. you two are a match made in heaven

    *ahem ahem* lol

  6. Oh goodness! You and me both! My blog is even named after it. Haha. I wish I had that shirt. I found a sailor dress on dominodollhouse recently, but it's a wee bit out of my price range right now. Haha. Great post!

  7. Loooooove the outfit! So delicate, so pretty :)

    lucie wyffels

  8. Just so you know, Daytime Sequins is going to be my new band name. I'll make sure to credit you in the liner notes.


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