Eye Of The Wind

Benji Frank recently sent me this pair of sunglasses to try out and they couldn't have arrived at a better moment. I often forget how bright winter is--the shades I routinely have on hand in summer months seem to go missing every fall and winter as I eye dropping temperatures and imagine dreary skies will match my mood. But plenty of winter days are bright and I think I'll be getting a lot of use out of this pair of sunglasses in every season. They're classic and well made so they'll last for ages. I found them handy for a short trip down the river--I love how quiet these spots I visit get in the winter. In the summer I'm almost always bumping into people or finding a secluded spot only to have someone walk their dog into it. Once it starts turning cold though less people venture out; places I often find quiet and soothing become downright abandoned. Which is quite perfect, to me...

Outfit details:
Modcloth dress (worn as a top)
vintage shoes


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