Timo Weiland Pre-Fall 2013

Timo Weiland Pre-Fall 2013 is the star pupil--you know that annoying girl who sets the curve. She's always on time or a little early with 3 sharpened pencils and a pen (just in case), her book open to last night's reading, and her notebook prepped for the lecture ahead. She doesn't raise her hand the instant the teacher asks a question, but you can tell from her deliberately blank face that she knows the answer every time. You suspect she has no life outside of class because you never run into her at parties and when you do see her in the campus cafe she always has her notebook or a novel in hand. Still there's something about her prim blouses buttoned to the neck, mini skirts with loafers, and undone hair that you can't help but admire. She has a look. But most of the time you think you just need to take her out and get her plastered just to see one of those buttons come undone. 


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