Muffled By The Mist

I love misty mornings. I love them enough to forgo sleep and skip out of my house before dawn to capture the mist lingering on the lake nearby. Priorities. I wonder what my housemates thought of me stealing back into the house around eight as they prepared for the day...

Outfit details:
vintage Coach purse



  1. Love that jacket. I have one similar in black. It's one of my favourite pieces, but also a little difficult to combine. I like the way you paired yours with a simple dress, it gives a really nice touch.

  2. these pictures are so mysteriously beautiful. they remind me of a scene from the first lord of the rings movie.
    ~niki <3

  3. That dress is perfect. I need to bring my camera around with me more often. We had a wonderfully foggy morning in Charlottesville a couple of weeks ago, but I only had my phone on me - Leah,

  4. beautiful shawl and you can't beat that lighting or relative lack thereof.

  5. I'm coming your way via Cassaela's blog. Love your style (your haircut!) and your photography. Following!

  6. I wish I could wake up early enough for mist, because these photos are super pretty but... It's impossible..

  7. so lovely. looks like a magical morning!


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