Olympia Le-Tan Spring 2013

 The Olympia Le-Tan girl has commitment. Like the time she decided she was going to be a painter so she bought a one-way ticket to Paris and rented a tiny apartment she couldn't afford so she could spend her days wandering Monmarte listening to Edith Piaf and finding the perfect scene to paint. She only work black then and amassed a ridiculous collection of berets and would write home about how beautiful the city was in the rain and how a diet consisting only of crepes and wine was perfectly healthy. Yeah, she has a tendency to go off the deep end, but she came back from Paris with a dozen sticky canvases, a better grasp of French than you gained in your three years of classes in high school, and a small gut from the crepe suzette, and was your best friend again. You love her exuberance for life--her tendency to turn stalker when dating a boy, the excess of gifts she always showers you with on your birthday, and the way she transforms herself every few months into a different character down to the details of music preferences and slang. Sure, you think this rockabilly obsession and dressing like she just jumped out of the musical Bye Bye Birdy is a phase, but her hair really has never looked better than in that beehive...


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