The Loftiest Towers Rise From The Ground

Have you gotten tired of my complaints about the cold yet? It is unfortunately still making me loathe going outside and it's only January...February is going to be rather tough to endure. Needless to say I was wearing multiple pairs of tights and socks and other layers with this outfit in addition to a coat and hat I briefly shed for the photographs. If I end up looking really scowl-y in pictures it is only the cold freezing my facial muscles and perhaps a little wincing from misery (yes, I'm prone to exaggeration when cold).

Outfit details:
vintage cardigan
mittens c/o Modcloth (old)
*pictures by Jon



  1. You collegiate-looking cardigan is always so fun.

  2. such a cute cardigan. love how is goes with EVERYthing. also, this tower is the coolest and I wish I could go back soon! Pennsylvania has the coolest secrets.

  3. You always have such sweet mittens and gloves! <3

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  4. Your cardigan is gorgeous and your shoes are to die for. <3

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  6. Such magnificent pictures, nice outfit.


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