Backstage Pass

Another stolen moment during rehearsal time. This is backstage at the Kennedy Center. I had to stay backstage for the whole performance so there wasn't much reason to dress up, but a touch of red lipstick always does make me feel more glamorous even if the evening isn't filled with bottles of champagne or bouquets of roses. Really though the night was all about the kids and they're an awesome group. I'm not usually one for children or youth (no aspirations to be a teacher unless it means teaching English abroad because then I could also be a student of another language/culture), but whenever I do end up working as a chaperone or teacher's aide I always really enjoy the students. I'm quite charmed by a lot of these kids and it's sweet to see them goofing around as children and then perform with dedication some adults lack. It's wonderful that they're having so many opportunities right now and I hope they continue to get recognition. And I did get one rose--a gift from Negina at the end of the night!

Outfit details:
thrifted cardigan
*pictures by Jon


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