Carnegie Hall

I tried to be very conscious of my hem lengths for my entire chaperoning time. I enjoy wearing mini skirts myself, but I didn't want them to slow me down or to be rather too shocking to the students since they were coming from a very different culture. So when I heard we needed a formal dress for their performance at Carnegie Hall I quickly bought this one since most of my evening dresses involve high hems, sequins, or ridiculous amounts of tulle (none I felt really fit the image of someone chaperoning anyone). I wore a cardigan the whole time I was around the group so my tattoos were hidden, but I slipped it off when they were rehearsing and I had some time to explore Carnegie Hall. It was actually one of my favorite breaks during the trip because we were given total freedom to wander up and down the halls looking at signed photographs of famous musicians, admire ornate elevators, and even experience the view from the balconies. As one might assume, it's a beautiful building and their performance was sold out which made the whole evening feel really special.


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