There was something very optimistic about the era of early space exploration that we seem to be missing now. The excitement of Sputnik circling the globe in 1957 to the moon landing in 1969, so many people were focused on the skies and technology was growing by leaps and bounds. I'm always curious about people who aren't fascinated by this expansive void over our heads that we still know so little about. I like the fact that things are unknown either on foreign planets or within our own oceans, but I like them because it leaves something to be discovered and I want it to be discovered. I love learning about new species and hearing speculation about the Mars rover. I suppose I'm really curious about people who aren't curious and I have a strange nostalgia for an era when people seemed to be more curious...

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UO hat (similar here)
UO bomber
thrifted skirt (similar here)



  1. Well said. One of my favorite movies is October Sky, right in that learning era.

    The Occasional Indulgence

  2. Isn't it funny how blasé we've become about things like that? Every day the world discovers something new and most of humanity just rolls along, blithely unaware of the wonders all around them.


  3. Hi Rebecca! I recently have started reading your blog and absolutely love it. I love all the quirky cute outfits and your commentary. I was wondering if you could post like a top 25 favorite songs of yours or something. That would be really cool!

  4. @Anonymous, aw thank you! I do posts playlists sometimes--mixes I make on 8tracks. About once a month lately and I obviously really like those songs. They tend to be my favorites at the moment I post them. I'm really not sure I have a top 25 of all time--music is so fluid, it's about a certain moment or mood, so I don't think I could have a list of favorites and consider it something that wouldn't change in a week. :) my 8 tracks mixes are here: http://8tracks.com/theclotheshorse/

  5. Dear Rebecca,
    I totally see what you mean! There is a movie by Julie Delpy called "The Skylab" which shares your mood. It's French and I don't know if it can be found in English, but if you can find it, I'm sure you'll find it interesting.

  6. We watched Men in Black III tonight and I loved the nostalgic trip through time to 1969 and the launch at Cape Canaveral. xx

  7. You are too stinkin cute! I love your whole outfit and how these pictures turned out. Do you edit your pictures? What do you use?


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