Dandy Lion

How fun is the print on this dress of lions and flowers? I've read a couple of articles that cite orange as "the color" this spring and I do keep getting drawn to pieces in that usually jarring shade...I'm a sucker for certain details--like a whimsical print or a beaded collar. If a piece has some detail I admire, I'll look past it's basic color and try it out. That's the thing about clothes too; I'm never really sold on a piece until I know what it looks like on. Sometimes you're surprised by how good (or conversely how bad) it looks on your body as compared to on a hanger or generic shop picture.
I took these pictures on a bright but blustery day that certainly lived up to March's reputation of coming in like a lion--I can only hope that it will leave as a lamb. If it does not I might just give up on this going outside business...


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