Dandy Lion

How fun is the print on this dress of lions and flowers? I've read a couple of articles that cite orange as "the color" this spring and I do keep getting drawn to pieces in that usually jarring shade...I'm a sucker for certain details--like a whimsical print or a beaded collar. If a piece has some detail I admire, I'll look past it's basic color and try it out. That's the thing about clothes too; I'm never really sold on a piece until I know what it looks like on. Sometimes you're surprised by how good (or conversely how bad) it looks on your body as compared to on a hanger or generic shop picture.
I took these pictures on a bright but blustery day that certainly lived up to March's reputation of coming in like a lion--I can only hope that it will leave as a lamb. If it does not I might just give up on this going outside business...



  1. You have the style of my dreams! I love sweet dresses paired with cardis and boots. Alas, my body shape only allows for certain dresses to worn. Love the dress!... color, pattern and all.

  2. ah! those lions! so so cute, I love it. it reminds me of a fun piece of china. wouldn't this pattern make a cute plate?

  3. Because of your post title, for a second there I thought you were wearing this tee: http://www.threadless.com/product/1891/Dandy_Lions

  4. What a cute dress! You look amazing in it too (-:

  5. Nice pictures today! Very cute dress. Clever play on words with the dress print & the month...

  6. Hi lovely Rebecca,

    Did you change your hair color? I have the impression that it's slightly browner than usual. Or maybe your color is dying out? I must say it's really pretty, it suits your gorgeous face so well.

  7. the dandiest indeed :) I love everything about this dress.

  8. @Lilsirene, color perishing away I suppose! I haven't had a cut or color in months...well a friend trimmed it at home about a month ago.

  9. Oh I like this photo, I hope the orange be the colour of print cause all my clothes I take just for Halloween will be really happy :)

  10. Pretty girl i Love the outfit :)



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