Diamond Dust

Everything seems covered in a thin layer of ice lately--car windows in the morning are touched by ice crystals, sidewalks are patchwork quilts of ice and slush and salty pieces that you skip from like a child pretending the living room carpet is lava. One of the lakes near to me had frozen to such a degree that people were skating and playing hockey on it. I nearly always equate ice skating with man-made rinks and monstrous Zambonis, so it was quite charming to watch a family skate across cloudy ice along rows of frosty canoes. Despite the beauty of diamond dust and other winter scenes I'm still eager for slightly warmer days when venturing outside feels less treacherous and the walk to the store or your car doesn't seem to require blades on the bottom of your shoes.

Outfit details:
H&M cardigan
Zara purse
*pictures by Jon


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