In The Morning Everything At Once Is Ours

Sometimes you wake up and you're twenty-six and you wonder how you got here. Not here here as in the bed your parents bought you when you were a teen under the blanket you stole from an old roommate and surrounded by your favorite novels and thrift store furniture with its chipped corners and mis-matched drawer pulls. Not here as in this state where you weren't born and houses none of your family though they've visited once or twice the way fireflies appear to light-up summer nights but don't stick around during the harsher seasons. Not even here in this body with its dips and freckles that don't line up to proper constellations that feels so unfamiliar that as you stare into the mirror with you hair clipped short like a boys that you feel like you're looking at a stranger. Just here as in this stage of life like a yellow dwarf emerging from nebula and this laundry list of tasks beside your bed scrawled in blue ink and confused by the doodles you've been drawing since high school art class helped you survive. But how did you get here? The futures you pictured as a child flicker through your memory like a Super 8 film, each scenario as improbable as dragons you still wished existed and the library within an abandoned lighthouse you wanted to build when you were eight when living on some rocky outcrop surrounded by dead poets and pounding waves seemed better than chocolate cake. But in time you learned your life was not a novel and the dreams of your childhood are pieces of yourself like your hair that you clip every month that keep growing back. So you wake up with these tangled thoughts and you don't really know how you got here, but you figure you better put on some clothes and wash your face and make the most of it.

Outfit details:
ASOS dress (old, similar here)
vintage belt
vintage shoes, similar here
Zara purse



  1. you look adorable!! love your outfit!

  2. hello:) Im korean

    your fashion more and more popular in korea

    now and for ever..

    good for you !!

  3. love those shoes! They're super cute!


  4. Lovely post, you'll wonder again in 10 years! I have 2 kids- I wonder about that daily :)

  5. Wait, so is it your birthday? I haven't quite experienced the "how did I get here?!" moment yet, but I'm ashamedly terrified of it. But like you said, there's nothing to do but get up and make the most of it. :-)

  6. lol. I thought of the same thing when I turned 26 - how did I get here?!?!?!

    Now, I am 35 (or will be this weekend), and I'm thinking - f*ck! How did I get here?!?!?!

    I guess every age gives us the same feeling.

    You look lovely. The blue and the burnt orange work well together.

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  7. so petite and cute! :) i am a big navy and brown fan!
    kw ladies in navy

  8. Love the blouse with your jumper, plus the headband just makes this outfit!

  9. Stunning! We absolutely adore your style and blog :)

  10. You got a wonderful style.

    I would like to invite you to join

    where u can share your amazing looks.

    Lot of love,


  11. I love the whole outfit, but the headband is amazing!

  12. Your words of vulnerability contrast with how confident you always look! Have you started writing a novel, because if you wrote one I'd read it.

  13. Hi ! I just know your blog some days ago. I saw most of your pictures in this blog. I think your fashion is really lovely!! It helps me to wear my daily look. Thanks for cute and lovely fashion always. XD Sorry for poor English cuz I'm not native speaker. T//T

  14. I have been feeling the same way every single one of my birthdays, hahaha! I can't believe I'm where I am now - and where I will be in the future! ^^.

    Lovely coord as usual ♥.

  15. found you via people pinning your oufits on pinterest- I love your style and you are a beautiful writer!

  16. beautiful words, beautiful clothes ♥

    meow & purr

  17. ah, I so appreciate these sentiments. similar thoughts have found their way into my psyche lately. and the post title... such a lovely song.


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