Riding In The Car With Sisters

On a recent car ride outside of my usual route I recalled a game I used to play with my sisters when we rode in the car. Between living several hours from the closest family member and frequent moves, we spent a lot of time jammed into a moving vehicle together. On one trip we began claiming buildings that we passed and were intrigued by. It probably started with the simple observation of, "I'd like to live there." Followed by the slightly competitive, "I will live there. That one's mine." Before long we were real-estate tycoons dividing up entire towns between us. When a sibling spied a dreamy cottage with wrap-around porch and called it before you did, you felt that loss as if something had been snatched from your hands. Nothing was off limits and we'd spend entire car rides with our noses pressed to the glass, afraid to blink in case we might lose the rights to some distant mansion...



  1. Your outfits are always so cute -- I'm so envious, but definitely inspired! Also, I love your story about the game you played in the car. We had the same game, but it was with cars instead of buildings!

  2. I love this outfit -- peter pan collars have been one of my obsessions lately!!

    Whenever we were on long car rides we would play the Alphabet game -- the first person to go through the whole alphabet only using letters from signs and vehicle license plates etc.

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I love that kids play games like that and you make something up and it becomes real, so when you "claim" something you really do feel like it's not yours even though you never had it to begin with. So true!!

    Love your peter pan collar and the pattern on your skirt!

  4. sometimes i play the would you rather game with pairs of houses when i'm on road trips. it's fun to think about where you'd rather live when both houses are kind of gross. makes you really sort out your top priorities and try to see the good in things!

  5. You look so adorable. Love the boots!


  6. Hello! I just wanted to say that I also love the boots. It's nice to see a knee high boot on you. I have now been inspired to use some brown shoes that have stumped me. I could never use them unless I was wearing brown clothes. Now I'll maybe use them more instead of my typical black like most native new yorkers!

  7. Amazing outfit! So lovely:)


  8. Love!

  9. Sounds like a fun car game! And I love that skirt.

  10. I absolutely love your boots! I've been looking for a pair like them for ages.

  11. I played the same game with my cousins, but we rattled off our names in order as we passed each house and got genuinely upset if someone else landed on our favorite.

    My brother and I used to claim a side of the road in Strasbug, PA on the way to my grandparents' house. We'd count historical markers on buildings vying to have the most. It baffles me now that we never realized each side of the street would have the same amount of markers every single time :)

  12. i was going to comment that my sisters and I did the same thing! so unique! buuuttt from the comments, it looks like most little girls have similar childhoods. so neat. love the imagination of kids.
    love those boots!


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