Riding In The Car With Sisters

On a recent car ride outside of my usual route I recalled a game I used to play with my sisters when we rode in the car. Between living several hours from the closest family member and frequent moves, we spent a lot of time jammed into a moving vehicle together. On one trip we began claiming buildings that we passed and were intrigued by. It probably started with the simple observation of, "I'd like to live there." Followed by the slightly competitive, "I will live there. That one's mine." Before long we were real-estate tycoons dividing up entire towns between us. When a sibling spied a dreamy cottage with wrap-around porch and called it before you did, you felt that loss as if something had been snatched from your hands. Nothing was off limits and we'd spend entire car rides with our noses pressed to the glass, afraid to blink in case we might lose the rights to some distant mansion...


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