Toeing The Line

Ending my chaperoning duties led to a return of the mini. After a couple of weeks of longer hems for necessity it's sort of nice to go back to dressing in whatever suits my fancy. It's not that I want to wear an itty-bitty skirt and leather jacket every day of the week--it's just nice to have that option every once in awhile. That's what I really enjoy about fashion: a demure look one day and something more adventurous the next. I don't think my style alters that drastically from outfit to outfit, but it's still nice to play around. One of these days I think what I wear will evolve into something more costume-y (like all of the films and characters I enjoy), but for now it's enough to be comfortable in the clothes I'm wearing.

Outfit details:
thrifted hat
BC Footwear oxfords
vintage Coach purse


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