What The Water Gave

I miss living near the water. Real water. Namely, the ocean. Rivers and lakes are well enough, but there's something about the untamed nature of the ocean. I love hearing the waves beat the shore or walking along a lonely pier in the dark of night when there's almost no distinction between the water and the sky. And I love being able to bury my toes in the sand in the day. Eh, you get the idea. One day hopefully I'll settle near the water.
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Outfit details:
Seychelles wedges
*pictures by Jon


Megan Colwell said...

This is such an interesting outfit. I will be visiting this ocean this summer. Miami! Yes.

The Nautical Owl

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Great outfit! I love the eyes you drew on the back of your trench! I follow you on Bloglovin!

Susan Elisabeth Stumm said...

Really pretty look!


kelerabeus said...

Is this a Florence Welch reference in your title? I absolutely adore her, she have the most amazing style :)I've been using Bloglovin' forever, can't think of better way of following.

Shannon Willardson said...

Love love love that jacket!


Kristian said...

Ha! I love that you are holding a camera in all the photos and the last picture you can see the eyes peering out from your coat. Something ironic in that!

I use and love bloglovin'

pamella said...

Your pictures somehow remind of the movie Never Let Me Go.

Rebekah Bradford said...

Eyes on the trench coat are amazing! And I just love the shoes!


Mostly Lisa said...

I live in Minnesota and so since we have 10,000 lakes, so much of what I see is water. I definitely recommend visiting here in the summer, think you would ike it. :D

Love your outfit, hope it kept you warm.

Mostly Lisa

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

It's funny, when I considered moving close to the ocean and working in a building where I would have been a quite literal leap to the long island sound, I felt quite scared by it. I have a preference to river cities myself! Also, I love when you use your minolta as a prop - I wish I could find mine as it was great for photos back in the day.

Sapir @ The Sapphire Queen said...

YES! I love the ocean/sea so much more than just lakes and rivers. They always makes me feel so small.
And I've been following your blog on bloglovin all along! haha

Anonymous said...

Lovin' these particular pic compositions!
Funny I was looking to buy a Pentax camera not so long ago, I'd heard good things!

Plenty of water in Ireland! Just sayin' :)